MTA Gamechangers Series: Progressive Web Apps with Tom Cooksey

In our MTA Gamechangers series we will be talking with thought leaders and pioneers from the digital industry and hearing about technology that could quite literally change the game. Today we are hearing from Tom Cooksey from Troop creative who … Continue reading

Updates from the MTA

We have been a little quiet lately, and for that, we’d like to apologise. There have been some changes behind the scenes at the MTA and we have exciting news to share – a new leadership team has been recruited. … Continue reading

GDPR – What you need to know

If you haven’t heard about GDPR yet then I hope that your 6 month sabbatical was a fantastic experience, but let me fill you in on what you missed while you were away! GDPR stands for the General Data Protection … Continue reading

Insight Event Write-up: The Pioneers

Insight Event Write-up: The Pioneers In our first Insights event of 2016 we decided to bring together a select group of Martech Pioneers – the people that are doing things first, at scale. Held at super-cool space The Trampery next … Continue reading

The MTA The pioneers

MTA Insights – The Pioneers

Our first big event of 2016 is on Thursday 19th May at 6:30pm in London, and will be celebrating marketing and tech pioneers This is one for the diary. Our first big event of 2016, celebrating marketing and tech pioneers.   … Continue reading

The MTA featuring Rob Coke

It’s time for brands to walk the talk

We’re all talking about ‘human’ brands at the moment, but what do we really mean? Is it just industry navel-gazing, or can we turn it into something practical, useful and lasting? In our marketing bubble, we peddle the hard language … Continue reading

New martech course from MTA co-founder

If you’d like a quick and easy method to get to grips with marketing tech, one of our co-founders Dan Kirby has written an email course which sends you a lesson a day for two weeks. The 14 Day Marketing … Continue reading

chief experience officer

Your new role: the Chief Experience Officer

  Brand marketing is changing. A brand is no longer defined by how it describes itself. It’s defined by how it acts, what it feels like and how others describe it. Connected digital consumers rely less on top down messaging and … Continue reading

single individual view

The single customer view is dead – long live the single individual view

Can we really access of all data we have on customers and make decisions on the fly? Here, we look at the types of data which is available and describes how the single individual view is emerging as the way … Continue reading

afraid to start your own business

Part 2: Are you too frightened to start your own business?

Why would I leave a great job? Am I being selfish towards my family and friends? Do I really have the confidence to follow my own path? What do I actually do? Do i have the right support network? The … Continue reading