Insight Event Write-up: The Pioneers

Insight Event Write-up: The Pioneers

In our first Insights event of 2016 we decided to bring together a select group of Martech Pioneers – the people that are doing things first, at scale.

Held at super-cool space The Trampery next to Old Street (the beating heart of Silicon Roundabout) over 100 members and people with an eye for the future came together to learn from our panel of pioneers.


Our speakers included:

Adam Boita – Absolut Silverpoint


Adam (Head of Marketing – Pernod Ricard) immersed us in world where emotive storytelling intersects with cutting edge technology. A collaboration with Punch Drunk, this multi-award winning project turned location-based technology into theatrical plot devices. Building on the brand’s artistic heritage, people were engaged first – and then encouraging into new way to view the Absolut brand – with impressive ROI.


Alex Ayin – The amazing story of Rex Secco


Alex (Client Services Director, Social Chain) explained how through a fictional footy player his team managed to fool the world. This was indeed an amazing story, illustrating the power of social media to influence our worldview. Influencer marketing builds on this power – and its rise explains the amazing story of Social Chain itself. Only 18 months old (with an average employee age of 21) they’re a multi £million business with offices all over the world.



Tim Plyming – BBC Olympics 2012


Tim (Director of Digital Arts and Media at Nesta) showcased his experience as Project Director for the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games in 2012. This was the first time that all the Olympic content was to be broadcast –  with rewind functionality – across every device. The first ever connected Olympics in HD. The back end tech of this approach now underpins many live events – like Glastonbury. Tim showed how arts & culture + HD immersive tech = great community experiences.

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Adam Bracegirdle – The future of content


Adam (Creative Director, Vice) took us into one of the most successful content marketing projects ever seen – The Creators Project, a collaboration between Vice and Intel. Adam showed how the long-term creation of cutting edge – meaningful – content can create a platform which others want to be part of. He illustrated this by showing how initially they had to commission content, but then were approached by artists – including Daft Punk’s album launch – who came to them for free.


Richard Grundy  – “Something you didn’t know”


In a new segment we wanted to throw a wild card in – something you didn’t know!

So we invited top technologist Rick (CTO, Techdept) to share his insights on Blockchain (the tech that underpins Bitcoin). Why is it important? Because its lack of a central authority, facilitated by a transparent “chain” of interactions, means that it could replace our financial system, legal documentation – or anything else that previously needed a quantified ledger. This technology is being underwritten by the world’s leading VC’s – and governments – and could completely disrupt entire industries and ways of doing things. Minds were duly blown.

All in all it was a great evening – described by one of our attendees as “refreshingly free of B.S.”!

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