Updates from the MTA

We have been a little quiet lately, and for that, we’d like to apologise. There have been some changes behind the scenes at the MTA and we have exciting news to share – a new leadership team has been recruited. The founding members are still very much involved & will continue their noble work acting as MTA Ambassadors.

The new executive board members are Matt Pilgrim, Liz Elder, Tim Parfitt, Collette Easton and Ian Daniels

So what else is new? The original plan for the MTA is still a good one. The Marketing Technology Association’s mission is to enable brands, agencies and individuals working in the fields of marketing and technology to debate and collaborate to solve the key challenges of a digital world where technology and marketing collide. Expect to start to see a series of blog posts and some regular events all contributing to the mission. We want to ensure that this association grows to better serve its membership and with this in mind, we’d be grateful if you could complete this short survey to help us shape some of the future thinking. We will be working to increase the involvement of our members through membership signups and the addition of agency partners and technology providers who will contribute educational content and provide advisory services to the rest of the membership.

We are all so grateful for the amazing foundation that has been built by the founding members. We know they won’t go far; so make sure you look out for them at our upcoming events.

If you have any thoughts on topics you would like to see covered or think that you could help us shape the future of the MTA please get in touch at info@themta.org or take our membership survey