single individual view

The single customer view is dead – long live the single individual view

Can we really access of all data we have on customers and make decisions on the fly? Here, we look at the types of data which is available and describes how the single individual view is emerging as the way … Continue reading


Personalisation: easy to say, hard to do

Personalisation, what is it all about? We hear the word personalisation all the time. The funny thing is, when you ask how many examples people have delivered themselves or that they can recall, there are not many out there. In … Continue reading

Blending User Experience With ROI

Blending User Experience With ROI

Businesses are more and more constrained on their marketing budgets, or at least facing more pressure to justify where their budget is spent, and quite right too. In my previous post ‘Racing Car Setup Lessons For Marketing Effectiveness‘, I looked … Continue reading