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It’s time for brands to walk the talk

We’re all talking about ‘human’ brands at the moment, but what do we really mean? Is it just industry navel-gazing, or can we turn it into something practical, useful and lasting? In our marketing bubble, we peddle the hard language … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Relevance

Being in people’s minds is what it’s all about. Brands now have to stay relevant, both by entertaining, and of course by being constantly useful. That means solving people’s problems, however small they might be. Make things people want We’ve … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Authenticity

Having a point of view is vital. Human brands shouldn’t be neutral – they should inspire people through their opinions. Being authentic means having a believable and original point of view on a category, or life in general. It’s also about … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Relationships

As with people, brand relationships are a two-way thing. However much we like to think we make rational decisions, humans are emotive and social creatures, who naturally identify with certain groups. Brands have always needed ways to support this emotional decision-making, to give … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Values

A brand’s purpose goes hand-in-hand with values. These are your principles, they’re what you believe in, and what you couldn’t live without. Values also attract people to more human brands, because they provide distinction between you and the rest. The … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Purpose

Perhaps the most important thing for a brand to have in a changing world is a sense of purpose. This is often explained as ‘the fundamental reason you exist beyond making money’. Communicating your purpose helps people to understand why … Continue reading


Branding in a Post-Digital World – Introduction

Forget your digital strategy – we’re already living in a post-digital world. So what are you doing to help your brand thrive here? Why do you exist, what keeps you relevant, and why should people care about you? Wait, hang … Continue reading