bafta 2013

Baftas 2013: going behind the scenes (and taking your audience with you)

What can arts organisations learn from the digital team behind Bafta? It’s about collaboration, online networks and content. The EE British Academy Film Awards is the UK’s biggest celebration of film, but while the name Bafta is synonymous with the … Continue reading

(3) Marketing automation – not all platforms are created alike

It’s tempting to think that all marketing automation platforms are the same as each other and to just select the first one that comes along. Such temptation should be avoided though, and with it the potentially costly mistake of choosing … Continue reading

in-house experts

(2) Marketing automation – get in-house expertise as soon as you can

There are a number of very good solution providers, consultancies and agencies who can help deploy, integrate and operate your marketing automation system. They bring deep and wide-ranging experience across many implementations in different businesses and sectors, which is invaluable … Continue reading

not all textbook

(1) Marketing automation: it’s not all text book

As almost the last enterprise holdout against automation – long after Finance, of course, and even Sales – Marketing has since the turn of the millennium finally started to seriously adopt a variety of technologies to improve its efficiency, effectiveness … Continue reading

martech europe

Martech Europe smashes it!

Readers of this blog will know we were supporting the inaugural Martech Europe Conference in London on 20-21 October. Well if you didn’t go, you missed a cracker! Packed full of the people who have been advocating this emerging industry, including … Continue reading

Our Late Summer Launch Party

Our Late Summer Launch Party

Returning from summer we put the beach towels back in the cupboard, and prepared for the inaugural Marketing Technology Association event: our Late Summer Party! The theme? Beautiful Data. Hosted in the rather swish workspace WeWork (a short walk from Liverpool … Continue reading

Third Industrial Revolution

The 3rd Industrial Revolution And What It Means For Your Brand

The innovative 18th century minds behind the first industrial revolution – which changed the way textiles were manufactured and led to the creation of the first factories – could never have imagined where industry would be in another 300 years. … Continue reading

The marketign technology association

Why We Founded The Marketing Technology Association

Digital. It’s a word that can strike either excitement or fear in the heart. That’s because many business leaders are being thrust into a new world. A world that doesn’t make them feel brave. A world built on technology. In April 2012 The … Continue reading