Charles Darwin

Why Charles Darwin would hate your web site

Employing scientific design principles will make your website work much harder for you over time. Marketing Technology Association co-founders Ben Salmon and Dan Kirby give you some simple tips to get started. Digital marketing is a dog eat dog world, the survival … Continue reading

marriage of marketing and IT

How to make it work: the marriage of Marketing and IT

Marketing – like the rest of the world – is getting more and more technological. This means that the creative spirits of marketing are being told to get into bed with the logical engineering minds of IT. As marketing becomes … Continue reading

chief maretc scott brinker

Q&A with the Chief Martec himself!

The marketing technology world has seen an explosion of activity in the last few years. Yet there has been one person who has perhaps best been able to explain what is going on. That person is Scott Brinker, who blogs … Continue reading

Martech conference Europe

Great offer for MarTech Europe

MarTech Conference is an established brand in the US, coming to Europe for the first time in London on 20-21 October. We’re proud to be able to offer friends of the Marketing Technology Association a unique offer. There is 20+ … Continue reading

The MTA Summer Party

Beautiful Data – Our Late Summer Party

We’re very pleased to announce details for the next MTA Event, held at the stunning and very cool WeWork Spitalfields on Wednesday 23rd September. As well as the chance to meet other MTA members and some of the founders, we’re also showcasing 3 … Continue reading