Charles Darwin

Why Charles Darwin would hate your web site

Employing scientific design principles will make your website work much harder for you over time. Marketing Technology Association co-founders Ben Salmon and Dan Kirby give you some simple tips to get started. Digital marketing is a dog eat dog world, the survival … Continue reading


Personalisation: easy to say, hard to do

Personalisation, what is it all about? We hear the word personalisation all the time. The funny thing is, when you ask how many examples people have delivered themselves or that they can recall, there are not many out there. In … Continue reading

(3) Marketing automation – not all platforms are created alike

It’s tempting to think that all marketing automation platforms are the same as each other and to just select the first one that comes along. Such temptation should be avoided though, and with it the potentially costly mistake of choosing … Continue reading

(2) Marketing automation – get in-house expertise as soon as you can

There are a number of very good solution providers, consultancies and agencies who can help deploy, integrate and operate your marketing automation system. They bring deep and wide-ranging experience across many implementations in different businesses and sectors, which is invaluable … Continue reading

not all textbook

(1) Marketing automation: it’s not all text book

As almost the last enterprise holdout against automation – long after Finance, of course, and even Sales – Marketing has since the turn of the millennium finally started to seriously adopt a variety of technologies to improve its efficiency, effectiveness … Continue reading

marriage of marketing and IT

How to make it work: the marriage of Marketing and IT

Marketing – like the rest of the world – is getting more and more technological. This means that the creative spirits of marketing are being told to get into bed with the logical engineering minds of IT. As marketing becomes … Continue reading

Branding in a Post-Digital World – Relevance

Being in people’s minds is what it’s all about. Brands now have to stay relevant, both by entertaining, and of course by being constantly useful. That means solving people’s problems, however small they might be. Make things people want We’ve … Continue reading

Branding in a Post-Digital World – Authenticity

Having a point of view is vital. Human brands shouldn’t be neutral – they should inspire people through their opinions. Being authentic means having a believable and original point of view on a category, or life in general. It’s also about … Continue reading

Martech Europe smashes it!

Readers of this blog will know we were supporting the inaugural Martech Europe Conference in London on 20-21 October. Well if you didn’t go, you missed a cracker! Packed full of the people who have been advocating this emerging industry, including … Continue reading

Branding in a Post-Digital World – Relationships

As with people, brand relationships are a two-way thing. However much we like to think we make rational decisions, humans are emotive and social creatures, who naturally identify with certain groups. Brands have always needed ways to support this emotional decision-making, to give … Continue reading